The exercise of love

THE EXERCISE OF LOVE is an intense and detailed physical routine, an anatomical study on how to share a time and a space with another body, an exploration of questions related to determination and endurance, company and love.

In almost complete silence, the body stands at the very centre and its physical actions –soustaining or supporting the other, commiting or abbandoning, being, breathing or balancing, conjure up to sculpt the story.

THE EXERCISE OF LOVE is a piece about our necessity to connect, phisically and emotionally, with the other; about the ability or the desire to remain next to someone else, about the time we share and all those small things that occur meanwhile.



Choreographers and performers
Carlota Mantecón y Jesús Rubio Gamo

Photography Roy Galán / Zireja
Music Man o to

Text Jesús Rubio Gamo y Carlota Mantecón

Produced by Carlota Mantecón y Jesús Rubio
Co – produced by Teatro Guimerá

Special thanks to Roy Galán, Javier Cuevas, Adán Hernandez y Amuhaci Luis.


TEATRO GUIMERÁ, Santa Cruz de Tenerife 27/11/ 2015


SPANISHMATCHBOX , Noruega 07/06/2016

LEAL LAV, La Laguna 10/11/2016

LA NOCHE EN BLANCO LNB, La Laguna 26/11/2016

DANCE INTER FACES, Islas Canarias 09/12/2016